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Organic production techniques in Pigeonpea - Seed selection

Organic production techniques in Pigeonpea - Seed selection

In organic farming stress is being given on the on-farm seed production and preservation. For seed purpose identify vigorously growing healthy plants, free from insect pests and diseases. Tag them for easy identification and harvest separately. Collect only healthy pods. Use appropriate grading sieve to obtain uniformity in size and weight of the grains. Drying of seeds in sun is very essential to obtain moisture level below 8%.

Pre-cultivation practices

As red gram is a deep rooted crop, it requires at least one deep tilling up 1 to 1.5 feet and one shallow tilling. Application of 10-20 quintals of well decomposed FYM or 10-12 quintal of enriched compost or 5 to 10 quintal of vermicompost mixed with 5 kg PSB (phosphate solubilizing biofertilizer) during last tilling, when soil is wet is highly beneficial. Apply 500 lit Sanjeevak or Jeevamrut/ha at the time of sowing or immediately after sowing as soil treatment. This ensures ready availability of micro-organisms for better fertility of soil. Plant farm bunds with trees of Neem, Babul, Pongam, Sesban, Gliricidia etc. to get much leaf litter for soil nutrition. Trees also attract birds that control the pests.

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