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Organic Manure to grow the roots

Organic Manure to grow the roots

A rubber estate which is organic shows the growth of roots on dry cowdung on rainwater through summer rain. The roots from organic manure is healthy. The eggs of earthworms below 6 inches on uppersoil will generate to maintain the quality of soil with more micro nuetrients. The application of lime is to bring the soil pH above 6.5 to apply magnesium sulphate to utilise properly. The natural grasses after seasonal leaffall at the end of January new leaves provides shade and the dry leaves covers the upper soil to protect from the heat. In summer we can feed cows within the estate with natural grasses which have medicinal effects. On rainy season fresh cowdung damages the roots, but we can apply bio-gas slery directly around the trees. Cowdung and drainage waste without soap water can be used in bio-gas plants as organic manure  to  provide slery.

On organic soil friendly pests will control the pests. No need of digging or removal of grasses for long term crops like Rubber Coconut etc. The bushes and non eating grasses by cows can be removed with the roots to restrict them. Healthy soil will maintain healthy plants and trees with out diseases.

The growth of rubber roots on cowdung after summer rainfall


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