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Organic Grain Storage Using Indegenous Technical Knowledge




Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) :  It is the knowledge that people in a given community have developed over time and continue to develop. It is based on experience, tested over long  period of time, adopted to local culture and environment with objectives of minimizing risk and maximizing profit.


Some ITKs for storage grain pest control:


  • Turmeric acts as repellent for insect-pest in rice hence its powder is mixed with rice for reducing the pest damage in rice.
  • Lantana leaves have insecticidal effect hence its dried leaves are mixed with dried paddy grain@1.00 kg per 100 kg grain and kept in closed bins.
  • Red chillies have pungent odour which act as insect repellent hence addition 20-30 red chillies in one quintal of rice bag prevents the attack of stored grain pests.
  • Walnut (Juglans regia) leaves act as pest repellent hence walnut leaves are used to check insect pests in cereals and grains during storage. Grains can be stored safely upto 1 year by the use of walnut leaves.
  • Cylindrical storage bins of ten quintal capacity and made of iron sheet are used for wheat grain storage. These storage bins are coated with neem-leaf extract from inner side before grain storage. Grains are kept in the bins after proper drying under sun (10-12% grain moisture). Grains are filled in bins and after each 30 cm of grains, 50 compound leaves of neem are placed over the grains.
  • Mora (Storage bin) is made from straw. It is used for protecting the seeds or grains from humidity, heat, air, etc. It is 100% safe for storage of rice grain.


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