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Organic Farming

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A debate needs to be started on organic farming.India has covered miles in different sectors but still it has been lagging behind in organic farming.Govt is paying more attention and also encourging farmers for organic farming.There are so many issues have been arised in consumption of organic products and it has not yet confirmed the different side effects of organic products.BT brinjal has already created sensation.On the other hand organic farming is costly affair.Organic products available in the markets are really costlier.More research as well as awareness needed.


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Organic farming

Now a days chemical farming is not a cheap-affair.Over  the last ten years the cost of fertilizers have increased by 388% and so like pesticides and seeds.So one can imagine the cost of production but the farmers are not getting remunerative price. MSP is meant for some selected crops. There are a lot of crops left out side the perview of the Minimum Support Price Scheme.The UN sponsored IAASTD where India was a signatory, has given their verdict after 4 year long studies that business as usual is not an option.The chemical farming cannot feed the world in short run. It is a matter of perception. Organic farming does not favour monoculture and it measures the prodution and productivity of the whole field unlike garin yield of a particular crop. Moreover, as the subject is not  taught in the mainstream agricultural institutes it is not clear to the proponents of chemical agriculture. They try to to explain it in terms of chemical farming and that is wrong and misleading.I have doing organic farming in a govt farm for the last 11 years and I have found that organic farming is very cheaper. During the initial conversion phase of 2 years the yield declined but it goes up to suatainble production level.If we think that organic prouduce is costly then we are to request the health department to reduce the cost of medical expenses especially for cancer.Some companies are trying to project it as a costly affair.Organic farming can feed the world. Pl see Why poverty- Vandana Shiva in BBC  and, Indian Agaraian Crisis.

Biological Agriculture - The only way forward.

Our Mission

Nutri-Tech Solutions Pty Ltd (  was established in June, 1994, with the goal of improving nutrition from the soil up. Since that time, NTS has pioneered a range of innovative strategies in biological agriculture. In fact, NTS is now regarded as a world leader in this field. In recent years, the focus has expanded to include animal and human health solutions and our associated product developments in these arenas have proven both potent and unique. We remain passionately committed to the concept of improving the nutrient density of our food while reducing the immune assault associated with farm chemicals.

We continue to develop our emphasis on education, which is currently showcased with our four-day NTS Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture course, and numerous national and international one day courses. Similarly, we have recognised the burning need for consumer education to relation to proactive human health solutions. These education services will expand online in the near future.


Game Plan

We have termed our agricultural approach ‘Nutrition Farming’® and we plan to utilise this concept as a marketing umbrella for growers seeking a genuine alternative to organics. Organics involves a long list of what you cannot do, while 'Nutrition Farming'® is all about what you can do to produce highly nutritious, medicinal food for the consumer. ‘Nutrition Farming’® is a desperately important game plan for the improvement of our health and wellbeing in Century 21 - it is the sustainable production of nutrient-dense food for the protection and sustenance of all who consume it.

The game plan for human health includes an ever increasing range of educational products and services to empower the consumer with essential knowledge. We will also strive to develop more innovative tools to boost longevity, happiness and health.


  • NTS have pioneered many of the most popular approaches to soil and plant nutrition in Australia and their success of the company is reflected in the multitude of ‘copy-cat’ companies that have spawned as a result. Many of our ideas which were originally considered as ‘fringe dwelling’ concepts are now widely accepted by conventional agriculture.
  • The NTS Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture is an internationally acclaimed four-day course which is currently conducted in the NTS Seminar Centre three times a year and throughout the world on a regular basis.
  • NTS CEO Graeme Sait is a sought-after presenter and educator throughout the world.
  • NTS have developed several world firsts including Calcium Shuttle™

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