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Organic Farming


Organic Farming

The conventional method of farming using pesticides and fertilizers is beginning to peak out. Scientists are of the belief that a large scale shift to organic farming would bring better results and not reduce the supply of food grains which is the apprehension among few scientists.

Organic farming is an age old practice is India which got distributed during the Green Revolution. Organic farming is a concept in which a farm is viewed as an ecosystem.

It is not correct to think that those who advocate the use of organic farming are eccentric and away from the away normal. In fact organic farming is another revolution and a different form of farming which is emerging as another alternative of farming.

A study on the use organic farming in Madhya Pradesh has shown that there is a marginal drop in yield by the use of organic farming. However, the chances of getting better remuneration are higher for the farmers and if the government helps them in marketing, the economic gains to the farmers could be higher then the conventional farming system.

Studies around the world however show that organic farms can produce as much and in some settings much more then conventional farms.

Can organic farming feed the world is not a question anymore. The real question is, can we feed the world better. Organic farming yields other benefits in which the external costs of organic farming-erosion, chemical pollution to drinking water, and death of birds are one third of the conventional farming. There is another argument which is relevant to India. Because organic farming does not depend on extensive inputs, it might help shift the balance towards smaller farmers in developing countries.

The use of pesticides has led to high levels of chemicals in the soil, water, air and even our bodies. Fertilizers have a short term effect on productivity but a longer-term negative effect on the environment contaminating water bodies.

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