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Organic Farming

Organic Farming

Organic farming avoids chemical pesticides and fertilizers and seeks to increase soil fertility through application of organic manure/matter.

Practice for Organic Farming:

Organic Agriculture aims at the development of viable and sustainable agriculture. The common practices are:-

  • Soil fertility is maintained through cultivation of legumes, green manuring and crop rotation
  • Incorporation of organic matter/manure
  • Application of bio-fertilizers
  • Application of minimum tillage
  • Adoption of soil and water conservation techniques
  • Weed control by mechanical and biological methods
  • Botanical and biological pest control

Components of Organic Farming

The components are:-

  • Organic manures
  • Biological pest management
  • Non-chemical weed control
  • Agronomical practices
  • Alley cropping

Principles of Organic Ferming

  • No chemical fertilizer
  • No use of herbicide
  • No use of pesticides
  • Maintenance of healthy soil
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