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Only solution to indian farmers

Now that an economic crisis is there everywhere and India too.The Industry and trade are represented by CII, FICCI, ASSOCHAM and NASSCOM. They are trying to extract whatever they can get from Govt of India. For farmers there is no body to lobby.

2. Gujarat Govt gave Rs 9750 Cr to Tatas @ an interest rate of 0.01% repayable in 20 years to set up their car project in Gujarat

3. 1100 acres of Anand Agrl University's land is given to Tata's for making cars

4. Farmers land is acquired for Ambanis to set up an SEZ in Raigad dt. Farmers agitated. This led to a referendum as to whther land is to be taken over or not. Results are not published. It is reported that the results are not in favour odf SEZ

5. Many other SEZ's are also set up on farm lands.

6. In kerala farm lands near forests are taken over under Ecologically Fragile Lands Act without paying any compensation. EFL Act is only to acquire lands with natural vegetation only but lands where 20 year old crop trees exist are also taken over in most cases.

Who can save farmers & farming

Only if they set up a federation of farmers in all states and a body at the national level.

Educated farmers, activists, farmers clubs, Extension Depts of Agrl Universities, Unemployed Agriculture, Vetgraduates just think it over and give leadership to farmers

The writer is ready with ideas

(Incidentally i am a graduate in agri, 30 years experience in farming, farm finance and an activist

Ahamad Fuad  , e mail address;

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Only solution to indian farmers.

Dear Ahamad,

I agree with you farming community has no lobby. Low literacy coupled with less land holdings are the major reasons for low bargaining power of indian farmer.



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