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Onion: Yellow coloured bulbs varieties

Yellow coloured bulbs varieties of Onion

Early Grano 

  • Released from IARI, New Delhi
  • It produces globular bulbs of yellow colour with very pungency, size 7­8 cm.
  • Crop matures in 95­110 days.
  • TSS is 6­7%, poor in storage.
  • Average yield is 500­60 t/ha.
  • Suitable for cultivation in plains during Kharif and Rabi seasons for salad purpose.

Spanish Brown

  • Released from RS, IARI, Katrain, Kullu.
  • Long day variety.
  • The bulbs are attractive grown in colour with mild pungency.
  • TSS is 13­14%.
  • Crop matures in 160­180 days and ready for harvesting during August-September.
  • Good in storage at hills.
  • Average yield is 28­30 t/ha.

Phule Suvarna

  • Released from MPKV, Rahuri (M.S.)
  • Suitable for year round cultivation.
  • Yellow coloured variety suitable for export to Europe, Australia and America.
  • Bulbs size medium-big and less pungent.
  • TSS  is 11.5%,
  • Excellent keeping quality  (4­6 months),
  • Suitable for late Kharif and Rabi season.
  • Average yield is 24 t/ha.

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