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Onion: White coloured bulbs varieties


White coloured bulbs varieties of Onion

Pusa White Round

  • Released from IARI, New Delhi
  • Bulbs are white in colour and roundish flat in shape.
  • TSS 12­13% and drying ratio 8:1.
  • Crop matures in 130­135 days after transplanting.
  • Yield is 30­32.5 t/ha.
  • Good for storage.

Pusa White Flat

  • Released from IARI, New Delhi
  • Bulbs are attractive white, flattish round with 12­14% TSS and drying ratio 9:1.
  • Plants mature in 130­ 135 days after transplanting.
  • Good for storage.


  • Released from RAU, Bikaner Campus, Udaipur
  • The bulbs are white in colour, round to flat in shape with low percentage of small bulbs.
  • Size is 4.5­6.5 cm.
  • Matures in 120 days after transplanting.
  • TSS is about 12%.
  • Average yield is 30­35 t/ha.

Phule Safed 

  • Released from MPKV, Rahuri.
  • Bulb globular in shape with white colour,
  • TSS is 13%.
  • Suitable for dehydration.
  • Average yield is 25­30 t/ha.


  • Released from MPKV, Rahuri
  • Bulbs are globular shaped and white colour.
  • Good keeping quality.
  • Suitable as a rabi crop in onion growing regions of Maharashtra.
  • Average yield is 25 t/ha.

Agrifound White

  • Released from NHRDF, Nasik.
  • The bulbs are globular in shape with tight skin, silvery attractive white colour and 4­6 cm diameter.
  • TSS is 14­15%, good keeping quality.
  • Plant matures in 160­165 days after sowing.
  • Average yield is 20­25 t/ha.
  • Suitable for Kharif and Rabi season.
  • Good variety for dehydration purpose and export purpose.


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