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Bolting  : It is a serious disorder of onion. It refers to the emergence of seed stalk prior to time of their formation and adversely affects the formation and development of bulbs. Bolting is an undesirable character because it directly affects the bulb yield of onion.


  • Rabi onion starts to bolt at 20-25O C temperature. Early transplanting (August) and late (end of December-January) induce bolting in Kharif and Rabi onion, respectively. The restricted or poor vegetative growth also leads to bolting.
  • Low temperature (10-12 O C).
  • Varietal difference-white cultivars are more sensitive to bolting.
  • Late transplanting of seedlings.
  • Transplanting of aged seedlings of above 10 weeks.
  • Poor supply of nitrogen in nursery and field.



  • Adjust the time of transplanting in such a way that the crop may exposed to moderate temperature at bulbing. Maturity of Rabi crop coincides with high temperature compared to kharif crop.
  • Grow non-bolting cultivars like Early Grano, Texas Early Grano, etc.
  • Transplant healthy and 6 to 7 week old seedlings.
  • Supply recommended dose of nitrogen.
  • Cut the seed stalk at early stage.
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