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Nutrient management in Sweet Sorghum

Nutrient management in Sweet Sorghum

  • It is necessary applying nutrients based on the soil testing.

  • Application of Nitrogen @ 90 kg/ha is recommended for sweet sorghum along with 40 kg/ha P2O5. In lateritic soils application of K2O is also necessary at 40 kg/ha.

  • ICRISAT realized wide spread deficiency of S, Zn and B in the soils and it is recommended to apply per hectare application of 200 kg Gypsum, 50 kg Zinc sulfate and 1.25 kg of Agribor  or 2.5 kg Borax (Boron) as a treatment once in three years to correct the deficiencies in the soil.

  • Half of total N, entire P and K applied as basal dressing and remaining N applied at 30 DAS.

  • Micronutrients and secondary nutrient to be applied as basal dressing.

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