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Nutrient management in Cotton

Use of organic manures in Cotton (Gossypium sp.)

Organic manures:

FYM/compost: Irrigated - 4 tonne/ac                                

                        Rainfed - 2 tonne/ac                                

  • Incorporate organics (FYM/Compost/Crop residues) into the soil 2-3 weeks before sowing.
  • Apply FYM/Compost @ 4 t/ac and 2 t/ac under irrigated and rainfed conditions, respectively.
  • Apply Poultry manure @ 0.8t/ac instead of FYM, only under irrigated condition.


  • In irrigated and high rainfall areas grow sun hemp (as green manure) between two rows of cotton and incorporate in situ after 30 DAS.
  • Incorporate FYM @ 1.2 t/ac along with green leaf manures @ 0.8t/ac (Ex situ), 2 to 3 weeks before sowing in irrigated and assured rainfall areas.



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