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Nursery Raising and Transplanting in Chilli

Nursery Raising and Transplanting in Chilli

Nursery Raising:

  • For 1 hectare area 15 nursery beds of size 7.5m x 1.2m and raised 10cm are to be prepared.
  • Apply 30kg FYM and ½ kg 15:15:15 complex fertilizer to each bed and mix properly in the soil.
  • Treat the seeds with organo mercurial compound @2g per kg of seeds and azospirillum (200g per kg of seeds) at the time and sowing.
  • Sow the seeds in line at 7.5cm apart and cover with soil or FYM.
  • Mulch the seed beds with paddy straw or any agricultural waste material, apply water through rose can and spray the beds with chloropyriphos @1ml per litre of water to avoid ants 
  •  Water the nursery beds daily twice till germination and once after germination
  • Remove the mulch immediately after initiation of germination.
  • Ten days before transplanting reduce the quantity of water application to the nursery beds to harden the seedlings.
  • Sedlings will ready for transplanting at 45 days after sowing.


  • Plough, harrow and bring the soil to the fine tilth
  • Apply recommended dose of farm yard manure and prepare ridges at 75 cm  apart
  • Apply 50 percent recommended dose of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium by the side of the ridges and give light irrigation
  • On the day of transplanting dip the seedlings for 5minutes in azosporillum solution prepared by dissolving 400 g of azosporillum per litre of water.
  • Transplanting the seedlings on one side half way of the ridge at 45 cm apart in the evening hours and give light irrigation


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