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Nursery management

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Nursery Raising in Cauliflower

Dr. K S Shekhar




  • Nursery area required: 75 m2
  • Add well rotten FYM or compact @ 10 kg/m2.
  • Nursery beds needed to be 3 m long, one meter width and 15 cm raised.
  • In each beds 40 g DAP, 25 g urea, 30 g MOP and 3 ml/ liter Chloropyriphos should be applied and thoroughly mixed.
  • It should be properly drenched by Captan of Thiram @ 2g/lit of water which prevents the attack of fungal diseases.
  • Seeds should also be treated with Captan or Thiram of 2.5 g/kg of seed before sowing as more preventive measures.
  • After the 3-4 days of drenching, slowing should be done in shallow furrow at 10 cm apart and 1.0-1.5 cm deep (15-20 seeds/30 cm).
  • The seeds should be covered after sowing by seiving soil, FYM and sand mixture (1:1.1 ratio) up to 0.5 to 1.0 cm layer.
  • The beds should be covered with a proper mulching material like grasses or polyethene. If possible nursery beds should be covered by Agro Shed Net (75%) to protect direct sun light and rains in early and mid season crop.
  • As soon as seed sprouts, grasses or polyethene cover should be removed other wise lanky growth observed which become more prone to damping off diseases.
  • In the initial stage, water is applied with a watery can on the grass mulch but in later stage when plants are 15-20 days old, watering through furrows may be done.
  • Weeding and intercultural operation in nursery beds should be done at regular interval for healthy seedling.
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