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Number of seedling per hill

In general, two three seedlings per hill for timely planting and four to six seedlings per hill for late planting are enough for getting maximum yield from tall indica rice. Use of more seedlings per hill involves more cost without any additional advantage (Rao 1969). Same thing also holds good for high yielding varieties of different duration group during both wet and dry seasons (Singh et al. 1987; Nayak and Lenka 1988; Budhar et al 1989; Banerjee et al. 1992; Barik et al. 1997; Ramaswamy and Babu 1997; Nayak and Patra 2000). In hybrid rice 2 seedlings per hill are found to give significantly higher yield than 1 and 3 seedlings during kharif season (Srinivasulu 1997; DRR 1998; srivastava and Tripathi 1998; Prasad et al. 1998; Shriname et al. 2000, Choudhury 2001). But during rabi season one seedling gives similar yield as that of two seedlings/hill (CRRI 1998; Rajarathinam and Balasubramaniyan 1999; DRR 1999).

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