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Nitrogen in Sugarcane


 Deficiency Symptoms:

  • Die back of older leaves.
  • Leaf baldes turn light green to yellow.
  • Short and slender stalks.    
  • Tips and margins of older leaves become necrotic.

  Nitrogen deficiency symptoms

    Fig: Nitrogen deficiency symptom

If Excess of nitrogen:  

  • Tillering increases, the leaves grow in size, the period of tillering lengthens
  • The old as well as the youngest runners quickly die off.
  • Nitrogen rate broadly varies from 120 to 300 kg/ha being higher in tropical and lower in sub-tropical tracts.
  • Split application of nitrogen fertilizer give better results than single application.
  • The application of fertilizer nitrogen should be completed within 120 days of planting or until onset of monsoon for a 12 months crop.
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