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Nitrogen deficiency in Groundnut

Nitrogen Deficiency Symptoms

Nitrogen deficiency generally results from inadequate fertilizer application, or leaching loss due to excessive rainfall. Nitrogen is also lost through volatilization from surface applications during periods of hot, dry weather.
Leaching occurs most commonly in sandy-textured coastal plain soils during periods of excessive rainfall.


  • Plants are stunted and yellow in appearance.
  • Stems are thin and elongated.
  • The stem turns reddish.

N yellowing

  • Yellowing or chlorosis appears first on the lower leaves; the upper leaves remain green.
  • The tendency of the young upper leaves remaining green is due to the remaining nitrogen moving towards the newly growing leaves. 
  • In severe cases, the older leaves also will become yellow and then turns brownish.
  • Such leaves dry and drop off.
  • Kernel and pod development will be very poor.

  Older leaves Yellowing

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