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Nice Workshop on Agropedia

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Nice Workshop on Agropedia

Dear agronet consortia leaders,

Thanks a lot for providing us an opportunity to undergo a training an use and application of Agropedia. Really it is a useful portal for assembling and dissemination of information on various aspects in agriculture. The introduction of the site and various tools that can be used to elicit different kinds of information has been effectively taught. The beauty of the site is that it is open to all as each one of the user has the free hand to add additional information to the already existing knowledge. That way I hope and wish it is going to be the popular site among the researchers, farmers, students and policy makers in the days to come  if it starts working with full swing.

            I know this site is at the implementing stage. Will be most effective if all the minor crops and practices are also included. When all these are over, I am sure this is giong to be the most popular among agri fratanity. Kudos to Yaduraju sir and his team.

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