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New Technologies : Sugarcane

  Agro-techniques for multi - ratooning in sugarcane

            Yield under multi-ratooning system, viz; trash mulching, gap filling, phorate application (15 kg/ha), stubble shaving and 20% extra seed to plant crop enhanced ratoon yield to the tune of 34,38,43, and 77% over control in Ist, IInd , IIIrd and IVth ratoons, respectively.

  Innovative wheat + sugarcane overlapping cropping system

            Here sowing of 3 rows of wheat in November on raised beds and sugarcane in 80 cm apart ditches, in February (optimum time of sugarcane planting in sub - tropical India) under Furrow Irrigated Raised Beds (FIRB) system is done.


 Irrigation is applied only in furrows thus the technology enhances input use efficiency, reduces production cost and increases margin of profit especially for small and marginal farmers with limited resources.

 Diversification of sugarcane based production system: Profitable   avenues

            Intercropping of two rows of maize or rajmash in autumn planted sugarcane planted at 90 cm spacing increases system productivity (cane equivalent yield 137.3 and 121.3 t./ha respectively). Sugarcane + maize intercropping system may fetch a profit of Rs 93,457/ha with B:C ratio 2.37. Sugarcane + rajmash and sugarcane + potato system are equally profitable. Sugarcane + potato system receiving 75% NPK produces cane yield similar to sugarcane + rajmash with 100% NPK.


  Non-conventional Method to Improve Sucrose content in Sugarcane

            Application of sucrose enhancing chemical (DNC liquid @ 8-10 kg/ha in irrigation water; DNC-granule@ 15 kg/ha) should be applied after cessation of grand growth period, enhances sucrose content in a few sugarcane varieties.

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