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Nendran Banana Will Get Better Prices

Nendran Banana Will Get Better Prices

Globally banana is the leading fruit crop. A vast majority of producers are small scale farmers. The major banana growing countries are India, China, Philippines, Ecuador and Brazil in order. At the world level 106.54 million tonnes of banana is produced from an area of 5.15 million ha with the average productivity of 20.7 tonnes/ha during 2011.

India stands first with a contribution of 27.8% to world banana production during 2011. There is a sizeable increase in acreage and production of banana in India during the past five years. There is an increase from 5.69 lakh ha in 2005-06 to 8.16 lakh ha in 2011-12, while in terms of production it has increased from 188.87 to 296.67 lakh tonnes with the productivity increase from 33.1 to 36.3 tonnes/ha. India exports 0.17% of its production to countries viz. U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Oman, Pakistan and Nepal. The varieties which are in demand internationally include Grand Naine and Robusta.

In India, Tamil Nadu produces about 82.53 lakh tonnes from an area of 1.25 lakh ha, and has the highest production share with 26.47 per cent (2011). Maharashtra ranks second with 13.5 per cent followed by Gujarat 13.3 per cent. In terms of productivity, Tamil Nadu ranked first with 65.8 tonnes/ha followed by Gujarat 61.5 tonnes/ha and Maharashtra 52.5 tonnes/ha.

Nendran is one of the important banana varieties cultivated in Tamil Nadu.  It is mainly grown in Coimbatore, Erode, Trichy and Kanyakumari Districts. Nendran fruits are big sized, mainly used for the preparation of chips. Each bunch of fruit has minimum of 5 hands weighing about 8 - 12 kg. Nendran is planted during April – May besides Oct – Nov to coincide with Onam festival. Nendran withstands wind damage and high-density planting is followed.

Among several varieties, the Nendran variety grown in Tamil Nadu occupies the first choice among Keralites. Jan – Feb is the month of peak arrivals and July – August faces lean arrivals. Present market price for Nendran is around Rs 32/kg. It varies depending on the quality parameters. To make the farmers aware of the future trend in farm harvest prices, Domestic and Export Market Intelligence Cell (DEMIC) functioning in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University had analyzed the prices of Nendran that prevailed in Coimbatore Farmers shandy for the past 10 years.

As a result it is forecasted that price of banana in Coimbatore market during August will be around Rs 31 - 33/ kg. In September, prices will range between Rs 34 – 37/kg. The prices are expected to be maximum during one week before the Onam festival during September. Thereafter it starts declining and will reach Rs 33 – 35/kg in October, 2013. When farmers sell through commission agents, the prices will be Rs 1 – 2 lower than the forecasted prices.

For further details contact

            Domestic and Export Market Intelligence Cell, (DEMIC)

            Centre for Agricultural and Rural Development Studies,

            Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,

            Coimbatore -641 003.

            Phone : 0422 – 2431405

For Technical Details please contact

The Professor and Head,

Department of Fruit crops,

Horticultural College and Research Institute,

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,

Coimbatore – 641 003.

Phone No.: 0422-6611269






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