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Need of the Hour - Future Concept in Agriculture Farming - HTMRM

John Francis Joseph Puthanpurakal



Dear Friends,

India's back bone is Agriculture. Neither today an individual cannot cultivate nor a corporate. Farming today can be viable in cooperative mode to cultivate just not one crop or produce but to cultivate a mixed produce thus reduce loss. Farming today needs to adopt a whole village and the land owning farmer must be made an equal partner but an non investor partner along with the individual from all walks of life irrespective he has a farming knowledge or not but is willing to be a farmer through his or her hard earned savings as suggested in the project to cultivate four acres of land with one crop or produce with a capital investment of INR 6.00 Cr per cooperative consisting of 120 individuals worth INR 5.00 Lacs each & 4 land owning farmers each owning one acre of land to form one cooperative to be run independently with individual current bank account & govt. license as needed but will be managed under the umbrella of HTMRM COOPERATIVE MIXED PRODUCE FARMING consisting of three individuals from each cooperative. The first phase will cultivate a minimum of 1000+ acres with a minimum of 30000+ individuals with investment of INR 5.00 Lacs each.  Website

Every Indian all over the world can join including every other individual in the world from the age group of 26 years to the age group of 70 years. The amount to be invested must be tax paid and any one not being an Indian citizen must meet all the FERRA & FEMA norms set by the Indian government in order to participate in an Indian project to be based in India and in this case tentatively chosen site is Poladpur in Maharashtra on NH.17, the Mumbai - Goa Highway. Read in detail. Recommend to friends. The project is also presented on website


Confirmation of you joining the project as suggested can be sent to email id &

Boldness breeds success.

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We are an  Institutional portal and are fully devoted to the cause of promotion of academic and research activities in the field of agriculture. Your post appears to us as kind of a business offer meant to promote a commercial enterprise by means of canvassing, though yes it pertains to agriculture. As such the content posted by you cannot be labelled as inappropriate or illegitimate, but as an Institution we are constrained by the principles on which we operate and by the solemn oath that binds us all to the domain of academics and research in the field of science and technology. Hence as a policy this portal does not entertain any sort of commercial activity. On a more personal note, I consider agriculture as a noble occupation much like teaching, law or medicine meant to serve humanitarain objectives. Any talk of money and investments appears too brazen. 


Dear Friend,

Kindly read the full presentation from the website or

I am quite confident that this portal will be part of the concept that is trying to develop a method in farming that will benifit all walks of life. Just reading the few lines in this portal will not help you to understand. The 60+ years of the countries independence what has been the growth percentage in agriculture. Unless the comman man join in with agriculture professional & the landowner farmer the expected growth in present & coming five year plan will remain zilch.

Please take the pain to read in detail the concept presented and then comment.Cool

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