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Natural Rubber related issues.

Calculate missing figure

The data is collected from Indian Rubber Board. Monthly Rubber Statistical news available on the net. The total availability on each month can be calculated by adding Opening Stock, Production, and Import. Unfortunately on monthly rubber statistical news balance stock is available and the opening stock not available. Thus the opening stock have to be taken from the previous month's balance stock. By compiling all statistical news for the year 2013-14  the Opening stock 25800 Tonnes, Production 844000 Tonnes and Import 325190 Tonnes will provide availability 1422190 Tonnes. By subtracting Consumption 981520 Tonnes and Export 5398 Tonnes can't tally the balance stock of 250000 Tonnes. A missing figure of 185272 Tonnes at a value per Kg of RSS 4 at 166.02 rupees will provide the value as Rs. 30758857440. More >>>


Performance of Natural Rubber for the year 2013-14 can see like it.

The import from July to October 2013 duty paid import was  was done when the domestic prices were so higher. Import on zero percent duty will not affect the Indian economy. But the low priced duty paid import will destroy other Indian manufacturers who are purchasing from the domestic market with higher price and VAT. 

For more details Visit the page Analysis of Indian Rubber Statistics.


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