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National Agricultural Insurance Scheme

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National agricultural insurance scheme was announced in June, 1999 by Sri Atal Bihari Bajpayee the Prime minister of India. Some lacunae and limitations, present in the comprehensive crop insurance scheme (CCIS) initiated in 1985, have been removed in this scheme. Under CCIS some crops viz. Wheat, Rice and Oilseeds were only covered and thus, commercial crops like Sugarcane, Potato and Cotton were bereft from CCIS. Only rainfed crops were insured and only those farmers were benefited who availed the loan. The insurance value was maximum Rs.10, 000/- and was taken in the form of loan from the institutional sources. Whereas, NAIS is incomparable and under which all the farmers including, commercial and horticultural farmers would be benefited. This scheme provides the protective net to the farmers in    case of crop- failure due to natural hazards insect-pests and the diseases. This scheme was initiated from the Rabi season of the year 1999-2000 and is planned for minimum five (5) years.

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