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Mustard Aphid Management


Mustard Aphid Management

  • It's a serious pest and both nymph and adult suck the sap of the tender leaves, twigs, stem inflorescence and pods by means of piercing and sucking type of mouth parts.
  • The aphids are green small insects about 2mm in size.
  • The affected leaves usually curl and in case of severe infestation the plant wilt and dry.
  • When attack on inflorescence, the pod formation is adversely affected.
  • The aphids also secrete 'honey dew' on which black mould develops.
  • Black moulds adversely affect the normal physiological activities of the plants.


  1. As the cold and cloudy weather favours the pest multiplication, sowing the crop earlier than the normal sowing time escape the pest attack.
  2. Spraying of crop with 0.07% Endosulphan 35 EC or 0.05%Malathion 50 EC.
 Mustard Aphid Adult  mustard aphid damage  mustard aphid damage



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