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Mulching in sugarcane


  • In view of high temperature and extensive weed growth during summer, mulching for moisture conservation and suppression of weeds, is highly useful in sugarcane.
  • Besides, it adds to the organic matter content of the soil.
  • Mulching the inter row spaces with 7.5 to 10 cm thick layer of dry leaves of sugarcane (trash) or any other organic source is quite effective.
  • About 10 tonnes of sugarcane trash per hectare is required.
  • Mulching in ratoon is more convenient than in the plant crop.
  • The trash on decomposition release nutrients which improves the fertility of soil. Mulching with sugarcane trash is, therefore, advantageous over burning which is usually practiced to reduce the incidence of diseases and insect-pests, as in the case of scale insect.
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