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Common Name: Purple nut sedge

Scientific Name: Cyperus rotudus L.


  • It is a sedge weed of Cyperaceae family.
  • This is perennial weed.It is grass like in appearance and having parallel leaf veins.
  • The plant reproduces vegetatively by its well spreaed tubers and stolons.
  • Plants grow 10-60 cm tall  and the stem is triangular.
  • The tuber is found very deep in soil.That's why it is very difficult to control.

Control Measures

  • Hot weather cultivation is the first step in management of purple nut sedge.
  • Two to three year's integrated efforts can result in recovery of land from purple nut sedge.
  • Do manual weeding after 20-25 days after sowing the crop.
  • Apply Glyphoset @ 4.0 litres per ha.


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