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Molecular Farming - farming for the future

Molecular Farming refers to the new area of science which involves production of recombinant proteins and valuable enzymes in plant system by the use of transgenic technology.Advances in molecular biology have resulted in the ability to produce some drugs by recobining the gene for the desired product within the genetic material of bacteria. A vast quantity of the transgenic bacteria is then grown and the desired protein purified from it.This recombinant technology, such as is used in the production of insulin, is molecular farming in its simplest form.

      The organism or material into which the new genetic information is inserted is often referred to as the expression system, since it serves as the system for ''expressing'' the new product.Several expression system have been explored like bacteria,yeast,animal or plants. Plants have te natural ability to make human and animal proteins. Mass production is simplified by just increasing the aceraage of the plants under cultivation. Existing farming equipment can be used in the processing of plants and thus reduce the costs involved in making the product. Products produced in plants can be stored for long periods by drying without refrigeration if they are expressed in seeds or leaves.


Molecular farming technology offers a unique advantage that almost any protein can be produced economically and safely under  very controlled conditions. Therefore, medical proteins, industrialenzyme, marine industry products as well as cosmetic and functional food items can be produced through molecular faming and thus ensure the safe and secure production of these products.

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