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Mobile van to test soil for farmers


To create awareness and provide help to the farmers, Punjab Agricultural University scientists would be visiting villages with a mobile van equipped with a microscope to test soil and an LCD to screen documentaries. The Rs 32-lakh project has been initiated under Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR).

Sources said the van would visit rural areas or krishi kendras, where the experts would listen to the problems being faced by farmers of that area and provide solutions. The step has been taken in order to save crops from several diseases and pests. But the farmers would have to pay Rs 20 as fees for the testing of soil samples from their fields at PAU laboratory. The report would be send to the agriculturists through post while the reports of the water and soil would be given at the spot.

Giving information, an official said the LCD would be used to inform the farmers in details the problems related to soils and pests and their solutions. Knowledge regarding seasonal crops would also be given.

Talking to TOI, MS Gill, director of extension education, said ICAR has given Rs 32 lakh for the project that took off on April 1. The farmers would be able to come and check the health and quality of their plants. Scientists would also provide guidance to them.

--The Times of India

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Good news for the Punjab farmers

Well, this act will turn into a great help especially for the farmers of the rural areas.

Soil Testing

Is there any idea by soil testing to increase soil fertility and to maintain soil pH? Farmers can give the input of primary nutrients via organic manure. The Secondary nutrients and trace elements have an important roll on productivity by sustainable agriculture. If soil testing is to recomend NPK then it will kill the soil more and the usage of pesticide will increase. The balanced miro & macro nutrients which is not recomended by any lab in my knowledge.

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