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Mites control in Potato Crop

Mites (Polyphagotarsonemus latus):

The peak activity of mites occurs during August-September and mid October- mid December. Both adults and nymphs damage the crop by foliage feeding. Mite attack starts from the top potato leaves showing downward curling. In the early stages of infestation, the lower side of leaves appears 'oily'. Gradually these symptoms can be seen on the entire plant. The infested leaves become short and leathery in appearance with characteristic copper colour deposits on lower side. Under severe mite attack, the infested leaves dry up and wither away resulting into death of the plant.

Control: The mite infestation on potato crop can be avoided by delayed planting towards mid October in Indo-Gangetic plains. Frequent spraying with Dicofol 18.5 EC or Quinalphos 25 EC @ 2.0 litres/ha controls the pest. The first application should be done on appearance of the pest and repeated at 7 to 10 days interval depending on the persistence of mite infestation.

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