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Ministry Of Rural Development

Centre  Releases third installment of  Rs 1200 crore under MGNREGA for Uttar Pradesh in 2011/12.

Last year, that is in 2010/11, the Union Ministry of Rural Development  had released Rs 5267 crore  for the implementation of MGNREGA in Uttar Pradesh.

At the start of the current financial year--that is on April 1, 2011--the state had an opening balance of Rs 1882 crore. The Union Ministry of Rural Development has since released two installments--Rs 1000 crore on May 23rd, 2011 and Rs 1349 crore on July 4th, 2011.A third installment of Rs 1200 crore is now being sanctioned even though there have been numerous instances of grave financial irregularities that have been documented in reports of independent National Level Monitors and State Quality Monitors. The action taken reports submitted by the state government have proved to be wholly unsatisfactory.   

However, the Union Ministry is acutely conscious  that the people of the state should not be penalised for the failure of the state government to take credible action against those held responsible  for financial irregularities. The state government has promised that action taken reports on all pending complaints will be submitted to the Union Ministry of Rural Development by December 10th, 2011. The release  of  further instalments will be considered when these action taken reports have been submitted and after they have been examined for their veracity.

It should be stressed that  the Union Ministry of Rural Development  has already made available more funds for MGNREGA implementation in Uttar Pradesh in just eight months of 2011/12, as compared to funds released over the entire 12 month period in 2010/11.





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