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Method of planting in Rice

Method of planting Rice - Direct seeding and Transplanting


Two methods:

I. Direct seeding in dry soil

a)      Line sowing or drilling and

b)      Broadcasting.

II. Direct seeding in watered field

a)      Line sowing and

b)      Broadcasting.

Plates 1:Land preparation -Land is tilled with ploughs and leveled

properly before or at the onset of monsoon.


Seeds are sown straight to the main field either by broadcasting or by row seeding in wet or dry land


Sowing - Direct sowing, broadcast or behind ploughs or in line by seed drills. + planking (depth - 3 cm)

Plates 2: Sequence of land preparation


Seed rate - 60 to 80 kg per hectare

Spacing - row spacing -25 to 30 cm depending on variety and time of planting,


Plate 4: Drill sowing

Plate 5: Planking

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