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A method for germinating perennial Cicer species

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Coyne, C.J ; Sharp-Vincent, T. ; Cashman, M.J. ; Watt, C.A. ; Chen, W. ; Muehlbauer, F.J. ; Mallikarjuna, N.,( Nalini Mallikarjuna )
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Journal of SAT Agricultural Research
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2 pp.
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An in vitro germination method was examined as an alternative method to provide uniform germination of 28 accessions of Cicer anatolicum, C. canariense, C. macracanthum, C.microphyllum, C. multijugum, C. oxyodon, C. songaricum, C. yamashitae and C. montbretii to establish a nursery for regeneration and evaluation of inter- and intra-accession genetic variability. The seeds to be germinated were surface disinfested with a 30 second dip in 95% ethanol followed by 10 minutes in 0.6% NaClO with drops of Tween 80. After surface disinfestations, the seeds were soaked in sterile water for 1-5 days, or until they soften enough to scarify using a sterile scalpel. Scarified seeds were then placed either on agar plus MS salt mixture or on agar medium alone. The culture vessels were then placed under cool-white fluorescent lights until radicle emergence. The plantlets were left on agar until the shoots were between 2-5 cm long. The average germination of 25 accessions of 8 species was 82% in 2001 ranging from 43 to 100%. Two accessions of C. montbretii failed to germinate in vitro. In 2002, an additional 13 accessions were successfully germinated with the same method and 3 accessions of C. montbretii failed to germinate on water agar.

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