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Meeting on agropedia Phase II at IIT Kanpur

Report on agropedia Phase II meeting

agropedia Phase II: Engaging Farmers, Enriching Knowledge Partners are:

  • IIT Kanpur (Consortium Leader)
  • ICRISAT Patancheru
  • IIM Calcutta
  • UAS Raichur
  • ZPD Zone -IV Kanpur

agropedia Phase II meeting was held at IIT Kanpur on 26 April 2011. All the partners attended the meeting and discussed on the work to be done respectively. From ICRISAT Dr. N.T. Yaduraju, from IIM Calcutta Dr. Runa Sarkar, from UAS Raichur Dr. L.B.Hugar Dr. A.K.Singh from ZPD IV Kanpur, Mr. Rahul Goswami and Dr. T.V.Prabhakar from IIT Kanpur attended the meeting.

agropedia Phase II will deal with the farmers whose preferred mode of communication is the cell phone. That means, it will primarily deal with content types like Short Messages or voice calls. All the content will also be accessible over a web-based platform in a matrix mode.  Semantic and geo-political tagging mechanisms will also be devised and implemented.

Objective of agropedia Phase II

The primary objective is:

  • generate, aggregate and disseminate agriculture extension content.

Towards this, it is need to:

  • evolve mechanisms to generate authentic, useful and timely extension content
  • organise content is an easy to use semantic platform
  • set up virtual extension platforms in representative locations that will help us analyze and evaluate our exercise
  • develop, strengthen and enhance existing platforms for organization and dissemination of this content