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Marketing of agricultural-related products involve physical handling, storage, processing and transfer of raw and finished goods (commodities), as they move from producers to consumers. There are a number of commodities handled in different Wholesale Markets spread all over the country. AGMARKNET database comprised about 300 commodities and 2000 varieties categorised into 14 groups viz

·         Cereals

·         Pulses

·         Oil seeds

·         Fibre Crops

·         Fruits

·         Vegetables

·         Spices

·         Dry Fruits

·         Beverages

·         Other

·         Drugs & Narcotics

·         Forest Products

·         Live Stock / Poultry

·         Flowers

The application software "AGMARK" facilitates for all commodities being transacted in the Wholesale Market for their own use and analysis, in addition to meeting the requirements of DMI, provided the Wholesale Markets give complete details of the commodities transacted with respect to their varieties, grades, and places of origin. These details are required to build up "directory" in the information system, which is required for commodity-wise, variety-wise, grade-wise and place of origin-wise analysis.

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