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Manure and Fertilizers for Onion Growing

Manure and Fertilizers for Onion Growing

In general,soil for onion growing should be liberally manured and fertilized. About 20-25 tonnes of farmyard/ha adequate. The requirement of nutrients depends on soil type, region of growing, varieties and removal of major nutrients. Onion crop yielding 300 q/ha removes 73 kg nitrogen, 36 kg phosphorus and 68 kg potassium. As it depends on the variety, season etc. soil analysis for application of fertilizers is preferred.

Farmyard manure should be applied one month before transplanting / planting or sowing and mixed well in the soil. Whole quantity of phosphorus, potassium and half of nitrogen should be mixed in the soil before transplanting. Remaining half of nitrogen should be given as topdressing in single dose in bulblet method of planting in big onions and bulblet method of planting in multiplier onion 20-25 days after planting. In transplanting method, topdressing is taken up in 2 split doses and first dose should be applied at 30 days after transplanting whereas second dose 45 days after transplanting. The topdressing must be completed before initiation of bulbing. Delayed application results in thick neck or doubles.

In addition to fertilizer, application of micronutrients is beneficial in improving the quality of bulbs. Application of zinc copper and boron increases the yield and enhances quality of bulbs by increasing TSS, sugar and ascorbic acid.

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