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Mango nut weevil/stone weevil appearence and biology

Mango nut weevil/stone weevil, Sternochetus mangiferae (Curculionidae:Coleoptera)

  • Serious and regular pest affects export potential of mango (quarantine pest).
  • Attacks only mango (Totapuri highly susceptible)
  • Adults hibernate on the tree trunk during off season


  • Adult is dark brownish stout weevil
  • Grub are light yellow with dark head and apodous


  • Females scoop out the surface of developing fruits and lay eggs individually
  • IP- 7 days; LP- 35-40 days; PP- 7 days
    Pupation in the stone

Nature of damage:

  • Grubs after hatching tunnel in zig-zag manner through pulp, endocarp and the seed coat and feed on cotyledons.
  • As the fruit develop damage heals up
  • Adults also feed on the cotyledon
  •  Adults make hole and come out of the fruit

Damage symptoms:

  • No external symptom is visible
  • The size and weight of the fruit reduced
  • Early maturation of fruits
  • Fruits with emerged holes will rot
  • Affects germination of seed

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