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Mango crop calendar for January month


Mango crop calendar for January month

Name of the  pests/Diseases  Damage symptoms   Photo gallery   Management 

Leaf hoppers

Amritodes atkinsoni,

Ideoscopes niveosparus and

I. clypealis 

 Shredding, drying and blackening of inflorescence     

Spray thiomethaxam @0.25g/l  or

Carbaryl @ 4g/l (10-15 liters/tree).  Repeat the spray at every fortnight 

Mealy bug

 Droschica mangiferae 

 Drying and blackening of inflorescence    Carbaryl @ 4g/l (10-15 liters/tree) 
Flower Webber   Inflorescence completely webbed     Carbaryl @ 4g/l (10-15 liters/tree) 

Mango Powdery Mildew

Mealy white growth on leaves and inflorescence.


Dust with Sulfex (0.2%) or Wettasul (0.2%) or Thiovit or Bavistin (0.1%) or Calixin (0.1%) at fortnightly interval are effective


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