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Managing AGLN Crops in Rice-based Cropping Systems

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Faris, D.G. Han, T.( editor. ) ; Gowda, C.L.L. ; International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics
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International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics ; Patancheru 502324, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Managing AGLN crops in rice-based cropping systems: summary proceedings of the Myanmar-AGLN/ICRISAT Workshop and Monitoring Tour,Yangon, Myanmar and Yezin, Myanmar, 17-25 Jan 1992 / Faris, D.G.
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Scientists from 11 AGLN countries, including Myanmar, and from ICRISAT, met in Yangon and Yezin and traveled through the dry zone and delta area of Myanmar in order to:
  • Learn about and compare the management practices adopted for growing the AGLN crops, groundnut, chickpea, and pigeonpea, in rice-based cropping systems in Asia.
  • Identify the constraints to the effective use of AGLN crops in these cropping systems.
  • Observe the management practices used for AGLN crops in Myanmar and the constraints

the farmers face when using them.

  • Recommend ways to overcome these constraints in order to plan future AGLN activities
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