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Management of white tip nematode in Rice

White tip nematode: Aphelenchoides besseyi Christie

Local name: Bili Tudi Roga

Vernacular Name:

            The white tip nematode affects rice crop grown in humid areas. It is widely distributed and now occurs in most of the rice growing areas.

Period of occurrence : Tillering stage

Extent of yield loss: 30-50%

Damage Symptoms:

  • White tip or whip like malformation of the top one-third of the leaf blade.
  • In flowering tillers, chaffiness and abnormal elongation of glumes in some spikelets


Preventive measures:

  • Soak the seeds in water for 24 hours, later hot water treatment at 52°C for 10 min
  • Hot water seed treatment 520C for 15 Minutes.
  • Pre soak in water 24 hr.
  • 51-530°C for 15 min.

Chemical control:

  • Apply carbofuran 3 G @ 13 kg or phorate 10G @ 5 kg or fipronil 0.3G @ 13kg per acre of nursery, 5 to 7 days before pulling the seedlings for transplanting.
  • Fumigation with methyl bromide 1.251b/ 1000 ft3 for 6 hours.

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