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Management of Udbatta disease in Rice

Management of Udbatta disease in Rice

Udbatta disease: Ephelis oryzae Syd.

(Deuteromycotina: Sphaeropsidales: Excipulaceae)

Local name: Udubatti Roga

Vernacular Name : Agarbatti, Mathapukaddi roga, Kari kaddi roga, Chipsu hode roga

This disease is endemic and of minor importance in certain areas in India.

Period of occurrence : Panicle emergence stage

Collateral hosts: Grasses, Isachne, elegans, Cynadon dactylon, Pennisetum sp. and Eragrostis tenuifolia.

Damage symptoms:

  • Stunted growth of affected seedlings.
  • The panicle emerges from the leaf sheath, as a straight, dirty coloured, hard, cylindrical spike, considerably reduced in size, much resembling an agarbatti or udbatta.
  • No grains are formed on the infected ear instead white mycelium and conidia form narrow stripes on the flag leaf along the veins before the panicle emerge



  • Use disease free seeds for sowing.
  • Hot water treatment of seeds at 52°C for 10 min.
  •  Removal and destruction of diseased panicles in field.

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