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Management of temites in bengal gram/chickepa

Termites :Odentotermes obesus (Termitidae:Isoptera)

 Local name: Geddalu

Damaging systems:

  • The termite bores into the roots and stem. Due to the bore the plants soon dries.
  • The attack may continue to the standing crop also especially during the period of drought.


Cultural Control

  • Frequent intercultural operations and irrigation before sowing.
  • Field sanitation, timely disposal of crop stables and undecomposed plant parts.
  • Undecomposed FYM or composed should not be used
  • Two-three deep ploughing could also help control this pest.

Mechanical Control

  • Destroy the termite bunds in and around the field and kill the queen and complimentary form.

Chemical Control

  • Apply chemical insecticides only if the insect population crosses the economic threshold level (ETL).
  • Application of Chlorpyriphos or Carbofuran granules @ 4kg/acre into the soil before sowing.


  • Seed treatment with chlorpyriphos @ 4ml/kg of seed or Endosulfan @ 7ml/kg of seed.
  • Spray insecticides like polytrin C44EC at the rate of 1000 ml/ha.
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