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Management of Rice thrips

Paddy thrips: Stenchaetothrips biformis (Bagnall) (Thripidae: Thysanoptera)

Local name: Thrips nusi

Damage symptoms

  • Leaves look like burnt appearance


                 Damaged leaves                          Damaged filed


Cultural practice:

  • Flooding to submerge the infested field for 2 days as a cultural control practice is very effective against the rice thrips

 Biological control:

  • Coccinellid beetles, anthocorid bugs, and staphylinid beetles are biological control agents that feed on both the larvae and adults.

  Chemical control:

  •  ETL: > 25% of leaves with damage, or 10 leaves per hill damaged
  • Sufficient thin film of water should be maintained in the nursery
  • Application of  phorate 10 G @ 75g or carbofuron 3 G @ 1.25kg / seed bed (300 sq mt area) followed by light  irrigation.
  • Spray monocrotophos 36 SL 1.3ml/l     
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