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Management of Rice hispa

Rice hispa: Dicladispa armig-era (Olivier) (Coleoptera : Chrysomelidae)

Kannada name : Mullu chippina dumbhi

Damage symptoms:

  • Grubs make tunneling through leaf tissue causing irregular translucent white patches that -are parallel to the leaf veins.
  • Damaged areas have white streaks that are parallel to the midrib


Preventive measures :

  • Clipping the tips of leaves at the time of transplanting

Biological control:

  • Small wasps that attack the eggs and larvae.
  • Reduviid bug eats upon the adults.
  • Fungal pathogens that attack the adults.

Chemical control :

  • ETL :  2adults or 2 damaged leaves/hill
  • 10-12 DAS  1ml of methyl parathion 50EC or 0.5ml fenitrothion 100EC or 0.9ml diazinon 60EC or 1.3ml monocrotophos 36SL or 2ml chloropyriphos 20 EC or 1.5ml fenthoate 50EC or 2ml phasalone 35EC or 2ml endosalfon 35EC or 2ml quinolphos 25EC in 1 liter of water for spraying crop.
  • Transplanted field require 225-230liter/acre spraying chemical or carbofuron 3% @7.6kg/acre granules can be used.
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