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Management of Plume moth

Plume moth : Exelastis atomosa  (Peterophoridae: Lepidoptera)

Damaging systems:

  • The larvae bore into the buds, flowers and pods and feed on the developing grains.
  • By feeding on the buds holes are formed, and the larvae proceed by further heading up the grains.
  • The larva excretes inside the damaged grains and pods and due to this fungus develops in it.


Cultural Control

  • Timely sowing of the crop.
  • Adoption of mixed or intercropping with non host plants.
  • Maintaining complete field sanitation.
  • Crop rotation

Mechanical Control

  • Remove and destroy the damage plant parts.

Chemical Control

  • Spraying of the suitable insecticides should be done at 50% flowering stage to protect the crop from the moth and larva.
  • Spray endosulphan 35 EC at the rate of 2ml/lit of water.
  • Spray monocrotophos 36 SL at the rate of 2ml/lit of water.

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