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Management of pigeonpea spotted pod borer

Spotted pod borer  : Maruca testulalis (Pyraustidae: Lepidoptera)

Damaging systems:

  • The larva webs together the leaves, buds and pods and feeds inside these webs.
  • The caterpillar also bores into pods and eat up the ripening seeds.
  • A crown mass of excrement is seen at the entrance into the larval burrow


Cultural Control

  • Timely sowing should be done preferably up to first quarter of July.
  • Excess application of nitrogen should be avoided.
  • Water logging should be prevented.

Biological Control

  • Conserve ants and praying mantids as these are good predators of egg and larva of the pest

Chemical Control

  • Apply chemical insecticide only if the pest population crosses ETL.
  • Spraying of 0.07% endosulfan ( 2ml of 35 EC/lit. of water) or 0.04% monocrotophos ( 1 ml of 36 Sl /litre of water) or chlorpyriphos 20 EC @ 3.5 ml/lit. of water at 600-1000 lit. of spray material per ha. with hand sprayer.
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