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Management of Pigeonpea pod fly

Pod fly : Melanagromyza obtusa (Agromyzidae: Diptera)

Damaging systems:

  • The maggot feeds on the developing grain.
  • The infested pods do not show any external evidence of damage until the fully grow larvae chew holes in the pod walls. These bore the grains and make the tunnel in them.
  • This hole provides an emergence "window" through which the adults exit the pod.
  • Damaged grains do not mature and due to excreta fungus may develop in the grain.
  • The infested grains loose their viability


Cultural Control

  • Growing of resistant varieties
  • Intercropping with jowar, maize or groundnut etc.
  • Crop rotation

Biological Control

  • Conserve Ormyrus sp (parasite of pod fly).

Chemical Control

  • Spary monocrotophos @ 36 SL @ 1 ml/lit or endosulfan 35 EC 2.0 ml/lit of water at 50 % flowering stage and after 10 - 15 days neem seed kernal extract should be used.
  • Spraying os Acephate 75SP 1g/lit of water.
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