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Management of Pigeonpea Phytophthora blight

Phytophthora blight: Phytopthora drechsleri

Local name: Phytophtora angamaari

Damaging systems:

  • It causes seedlings to die suddenly as in damping-off disease.
  • Water-soaked lesions appear on the leaves and brown to black, slightly sunken lesions develop on the stems and petioles.
  • Infected leaves lose turgidity, and become desiccated.
  • Lesions girdle the affected main stems or branches which break at the point of infection and the foliage above the lesion dries up.
  • When conditions are favourable, many plants die.
  • Often produce large galls on their stems especially at the edges of the lesions.
  • Root system is not affected.5-10% loss from this disease


Cultural control:

  • Avoid sowing red-gram in fields with low-lying patches that are prone to water logging.
  • Deep ploughing in Summer

Chemical control:

  • Seed treatment with 4 g metalaxyl m.z (Apron) per kg of seed .

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