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Management of army worm

Armyworm/Climbing cutworm:  Mythimna separata Walker (Lepidoptera : Noctuidae)

Kannada name: Tene kattarisuva hulu

Damage symptoms:

  • Early instar larvae skeletonise the leaves whereas later instar larvae are voracious feeders on leaves during night.


                                       Panicles are cut off from the base                        Fed upon leaf blades 


Preventive measures:

  • Remove weeds from fields and surrounding areas

Cultural practices-

  • Flooding seed bed is the best defence
  • Digging pits or trenches, covered with leaves gives caterpillar a place to take shelter from the sunlight
  • Ash filled trenches around the field serve as barriers
  • Placing branches around the field gives a place for armyworm to congregate where than can be easily collected by hand.

Chemical control:

  • 1ml of methyl parathion 50EC or 0.5ml fenitrothion 100EC or 0.9ml diazinon 60EC or 1.3ml monocrotophos 36SL or 2ml chloropyriphos 20 EC or 1.5ml fenthoate 50EC or 2ml phasalone 35EC or 2ml endosalfon 35EC or 2ml quinolphos 25EC during evening hours.
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