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Maize Sowing in Kharif May be Profitable to Farmers



Maize Sowing in Kharif May be Profitable to Farmers
World corn production is pegged at 945.8 million tonnes, 8.65 per cent higher than
last year and the world ending stocks are projected to be at 152.3 million tonnes, up 19.42 per
cent against last year (2011-12) specially due to increase in area and good productivity in US.
The Maize is still the choice for the animal feed industry for making available energy
in the rations due to low prices in India. Oil and oil meal prices are towards higher side,
making feed an expensive commodity for poultry and other livestock.
The importance of maize lies in its wide variety of application besides serving as
human food and animal feed. It is a source for a large number of industrial products- maize
corn, corn starch, corn oil, baby corn, popcorn, dairy feed, poultry feed, piggery, agroindustries,
and so on. The huge potential for exports has added to the demand for maize all
over world.
In Rajasthan, during kharif 2012 much competition was witnessed from cotton and
Guar. Last year, the area under maize was 9.85 lakh hectares with a production of 18.76 lakh
tonnes. The major maize growing districts in Rajasthan are Udaipur, Ajmer, Bhilwara,
Dungarpur, Banswara, Jhalawar, Kota, Baran, Pratapgarh, Bundi and Chittorgarh.
The prevailing maize prices ranged between Rs. 1200 to Rs. 1250 per quintal in
Udaipur market. To help the farmers to know the prices that are likely to prevail during
harvesting period of kharif 2013, the Agricultural Market Intelligence Centre (AMIC) of
Department of Agricultural Economics and Management, Rajasthan College of Agriculture,
Udaipur has forecasted prices likely to prevail in the harvesting months using the time series
data of maize prices at Udaipur market. The analysis along with the market survey, it is
concluded that the price of maize is expected to remain in the range of Rs. 1200 to Rs. 1300
per quintal during harvesting season (October and November, 2013) if current market
sentiments continue. Thus, farmers are advised to consider these facts while deciding the
acreage under maize crop in kharif 2013.

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