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Maize hybrid varieties


Corn is a growing product for food and feed consumption in India.  There are some important high-yielding hybrids suitable for a variety of growing conditions.


  • First hybrid to be sold in India on kernel count basis.
  • Can be grown at 80000 plants/ha.
  • Suitable for both irrigated & rainfed cultivation.
  • High shelling percentage resulting in high recovery of grains per cob.


  • Sold on kernel count basis.
  • Plants establish quickly after emergence.
  • In North recommended plant population up to 80000 per hectare.
  • In South plant population recommended is up to 70000 plants per hectare.
  • Crop maturity.
    * 115-125 days in South.
    * 155-160 days in North India.
  • Plants have uniform placement of long and uniform sized cobs with good tip fill.
  • Cobs have very high shelling percentage (up to 80%).
  • Grains are bright orange in color.
  • Good field tolerance to leaf diseases.


  • Available on kernel count basis.
  • Maturity within 105-115 days.
  • Uniform & attractive plants with medium height.
  • Uniform & thick cobs with high shelling percentage.
  • Can be grown as intercrop with other crops (e.g., Turmeric).
  • Bright orange colored bold kernels that fetch better price in the market.
  • Tolerant to water stress.



  • Matures in 80-85 days.
  • Ideal hybrid for growing after sunflower, spring corn crop.
  • Dark orange grains like "desi makka".


  • Maturity within 95-100 days.
  • High shelling percentage leading to high yield.
  • Thick husk cover and good tip filling.


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